At BookCovers.Us you can find pre-designed ebook covers that are custom created at a fraction of the cost of custom design work. Every cover on our website is only $39.00!

Hi! I’m Melissa Alvarez. I’ve been designing book covers since 2004 when I owned and operated New Age Dimensions Publishing. As the owner of a publishing company, and as both a traditionally published author and self-publisher, I know how important a good quality book cover is to sales. I’m offering a wide variety of pre-designed covers in a lot of genres. If you’re looking by genre, make sure you look at all of the tabs at the top because some covers can be used for other genres. On the home page, I’ve included all of the covers for easy viewing.

The pre-designed covers are completely unique and I only sell the covers one time and only to one client. That means if you purchase a pre-designed cover from me, that cover belongs to you and only you. Once the cover is sold it will move to the portfolio page and include a link to your website or sales page. I do use stock photography so you might see the same element on another cover but it will never be put together in the same way.

All of the pre-designed covers will be customized with your own title, author name or pen name, endorsement/blurb or series name when applicable. I’ll even make minor changes like substituting a font if you like one from another cover better than the one that is on the cover you’re buying. I’ll also adjust glow levels on fonts, add an endorsement line or subtitle or move the text to a different position. However, I will not change the background design. Just include your change requests in the message section of the order form. If you plan to bring your book out in print I can add the spine and back cover for an additional fee which will be on the site soon.

If you see a cover that you think fits your book, you can purchase in two ways. Either click on the cover to view a large image and add it to the cart on that page. A view cart button will appear above the picture and you can either check out from that link or click the navigation button to the home page to continue shopping. Or you can click add to cart from the home page and a check mark will appear beside the button(s). When you’re finished shopping, click on view cart in the top navigation (in all caps) to view the cart and check out.

If you’re interested in multiple covers I’ve made submitting your info for up to three at a time super easy! After checking out simply return to the site and click on submit book info in the top navigation and you’ll be taken to a form where you can submit the information for up to three covers at once that will be emailed directly to me so that I can get the covers to you as quickly as possible.

All pre-designed final cover files are sent to you by email in three sizes: 1600 x 2400 at 300 DPI (for Amazon and Smashwords), 1400 x 2000 at 300 DPI (for PubIt) and 200 x 300 at 150 DPI (for your website) with the exact information that you include on the submission form. Some of the smaller sized thumbnails below look a little grainy but rest assured that the final product will not be. There’s something internal with the cart that’s making them appear that way on the site (I’m trying to fix it and integrate this cart into the site after the other one I was using stopped working so please bear with me). Make sure both email addresses are working and can accept high resolution files!

Delivery time is usually 24 – 48 hours once I see your purchase. I am in the Eastern time zone.

I add new covers all the time so check back often to see the current stock.

I’ve recently started doing custom covers again. To see all of the features of each service I’m offering, click on the pink images above the pre-designed covers below. Thanks!

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