BookCovers.Us is a full service graphic design company owned by Melissa Alvarez that specializes in creative, professionally designed web, print, and magazine advertisements, custom eBook covers and editing services. Melissa caters to the design needs of the small entrepreneur to large corporations, including self-publishing indie authors, publishing houses, farms, retailers, and many different types of businesses. With affordable pricing, excellent quality and creativity, check out her portfolio to see if she can help you with your next graphic design project. Pre-designed eBook covers cost between $39 and $99 and are comparable to the Custom eBook Cover Packages at a fraction of the cost. If the cover fits your book, grab it before it’s gone! Thank you for visiting today!
Some of my work. See the Portfolio Link above for more:

“I’ve worked with Melissa on several custom covers. She’s a joy to work with. I’ve been so impressed with her professionalism and skill and the speed with which she creates. Her unique and beautiful vision brings my characters and settings to life.” … Lynn Wood, (author of the Norman Brides Series)

Some of my Pre-designed Covers 

“What a difference 24 hours can make. I contacted the company on a Monday morning regarding the design of an e-book “Nisha Nuggets”. Within two hours, I received a call from the President, Melissa Alvarez regarding my inquiry. We discussed my vision and concept specifics for the cover. By Monday evening, I had the first draft, and the final cover Tuesday morning. She brought my vision to life with her creativity in 1-Day. Talk about AMAZING…considering the fact that we were in different states, the process was easy and convenient. I highly recommend Melissa Alvarez for any author seeking creative, quality, and speedy designs for their books.” ~ Nisha Parker

If you’re looking for a more affordable option to custom design work, then a pre-designed cover might be perfect for you! I create the pre-designed covers with the same care that I put into custom designs, and sometimes the pre-designed covers are custom mock-ups that weren’t selected by the author since I do reserve the right to convert unselected mock-ups into pre-designed covers. Pre-designed covers can contain between one and six elements (photos, graphics, effects, etc) with regular prices beginning at $39. These are high quality, professional ebook covers created with the same quality of my custom work at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for authors on a budget!

The pre-designed covers are completely unique and I only sell the covers one time and only to one client. That means if you purchase a pre-designed cover from me, that cover belongs to you and only you. Once the cover is sold it is taken off of the site and customized right away and moved to the portfolio page with a link to the author’s website or sales page. I do use stock photography in my designs so you might see the same element on another cover if another designer choses the same photo but it will never be put together in the same way. I’ve also included single graphic custom designs (usually with added effects) as well as multiple graphic designs in many of my pre-designed covers. All of the pre-designed covers will be customized with your own title, author name or pen name, endorsement/blurb or series name when applicable. I’ll even make minor changes like substituting a font if you like one from another cover better than the one that is on the cover you’re buying. I’ll also adjust glow levels on fonts, add an endorsement line or subtitle or move the text to a different position. However, I will not change the background design or the way the pictures are put together. Just include your change requests in the message section of the order form.

All pre-designed and custom final cover files are sent to you by email in three sizes: 1600 x 2400 at 300 DPI (for Amazon, NookPress, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Apple, Sony, Kobo, ARe, OmniLit and all other retailers/distributors) and 200 x 300 at 150 DPI and 300 DPI (for your website and marketing materials) with the exact information that you include on the submission form. Also make sure both email addresses you send me are working and can accept high resolution files! Please read all of the FAQ’s before ordering.

“Hi Melissa, My proof arrived, and it’s gorgeous, amazing, the most beautiful book ever!!!! Thank you sooo much! I appreciate every minute of your time, and know how hard you work, and all that you do. Thanks for being you. ~Patrice Wilton
“Melissa Alvarez turned my manuscript into a self-pubbed novel that can sit proudly on any bookshelf, in any bookstore!” ~ Traci Hall


Delivery time for pre-designed covers is usually 24 to 48 hours after I receive it. Please check back often to see the current pre-designed book covers and the new completed projects in my portfolio.

Thanks for visiting today. If you choose me as your designer, I look forward to working with you.