Cover Reveal: Nattfisker Ridge by K. Reagan Zell

| 01/21/2024

Here is the cover reveal for K. Reagan Zell’s book, Nattfisker Ridge (Beguiled West Series 1: Book 4). If you’d like to purchase your own copy, visit her Smashword’s author page to discover all of the books in this exciting series. To read an interview with K. Reagan Zell please visit this link.

In book 4 of the series, Cait is once more thrown into another parallel timeline where she must sort out what is true and what is not. Being pursued by unknown entities, her internal light energy must be protected at all costs…even at finding out the truth and losing what she had found.

Cait is thrown again between parallel timelines against her will, all in the name of correcting the injustice of the decreed destiny she must follow. Reliving once again the names and faces met in other timelines, Cait discovers that what exists in other parallels will never be the same experience. Follow her epic journey once more as she is dropped into situations where she must quickly adapt, only to fall again into the supernatural whirlwind of perpetual timelines.

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