Valley of Ogham Na by K. Reagan Zell Cover Reveal

| 06/22/2023

Here is the cover reveal for K. Reagan Zell’s book, Valley of Ogham Na (Beguiled West Series 1: Book 3). If you’d like to purchase your own copy, visit her Smashword’s author page to discover all of the books in this exciting series. To read an interview with K. Reagan Zell please visit this link.


In Book 3 of the series, Cait’s journey continues as she begins her new life in Libulahsium only to be kidnapped into the Celestial Realm of the Ogdoad.

With the deceit of Aedan and Cairbre exposed, Cait is given a new lease on life as she realizes Magnor’s true nature, frees the Irlyns, and begins her new path living in Libulahsium. Her new destiny is only temporary as she is once more taken against her will to the Chine of Existence and into the world of Celestial Beings, the Supreme Creator, and the Ogdoad. Challenged to rethink all that she has known or believed, she discovers that nothing that she had accepted as the truth was no longer trustworthy. Left to discern and realign her trust, fate once more deals her further tragedy as she again wanders and tries to survive between parallel timelines.

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