L.M. Wood Cover Reveal

| 06/03/2013
Take a look at the new cover for author L.M. Wood. This is for the second book in The Firstborn Series titled Dancing with the Devil.  Visit L.M.’s website or purchase the book at Amazon.

Dancing with the Devil by L.M. Wood

An odd legacy… that’s what her grandmother called it. Marilyn Ryan thought she understated the case a bit. How in the world did she wind up in the middle of this…Angels and Archangels, one at least of the fallen variety? And now she was supposed to finish some project her grandmother started with Lucifer? As in Satan? How did she end up with the prince of darkness when her grandmother spent all of her time with Michael, who was so nice and sweet and on the right side? What was you-know-who getting out of all of this anyway? Why did he care if we knew his side of the story or not? Maybe I was imagining all of this. Maybe Gram was insane. Maybe I was insane.

Maybe none of it mattered anyway – what with the world coming to an end and all.



“Before. I was.”

It was somehow oddly disturbing the way the two brothers started their stories with exactly the same word. “Before.” But Michael followed his opening with the words ‘We were,” whereas his brother used the singular, “I was.” The distinction told a story all its own. Even as I tried to convince myself to wait until morning to continue reading, I was already glancing back down at the pages in my lap. His words probably weren’t the last thing I wanted to take in before I went to sleep, but it was too late. I was already hooked.

“Before. I was. Before there was sound or silence, light or darkness. Before there was matter or substance, or worlds or galaxies, or heaven or earth. Before He called the others into being, I was. I am His firstborn. The one He shared the nothingness with. He created me first and named me His morning star, to rise and call light from the darkness and give illumination to all of His creation. In those days before there were days, while the others still slept within the quiet of His will, I alone was his companion. I alone walked by His side and He shared His word with me. Far off into a future as yet un-envisioned by the others, I have already seen what will be. His will cannot be thwarted. In the beginning He deemed it so and thus it will be. My place I was given by He who is and always will be. Only He knows my deepest thoughts. Only He has probed my heart. My love for him is absolute, as it should be for all. For what else is there? Only He who is the Father of all things, of all being, of all that exists and ever will exist.

But man would not have it so. Man believes himself the source. Even those of your enlightened ones who can see beyond their own insignificance believe man to be the center of His universe, the apple of His eye. You consider man alone to be worthy of His love. Your conceit would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. This tiny little world, this spec of miserable dust, you think this is the height of His power, the best He can do? I tell you it is the most wretched of His creations. His other children look at you, so self-assured of your place in creation and shake their heads at the arrogance of mankind. Where did man among all of His creations get the idea he was supreme among them? You asked my brother why I devote so much attention to this insignificant ball of clay. I admit I often ask myself the same question. I believe it is your arrogance that draws me back here again and again. Even I stand in awe at the colossal depths to your misconceptions, your ridiculous conviction of your preeminence in His perfect plan.

How long must the rest of us wait for the desecration of man to be cleansed from the face of creation? Yes, you’ve been given the keys to your salvation, for He is ever merciful. My brother and those who share his innocence hope you will make use of them. Not from any great affection they hold for mankind, but to spare our Father the grief of your loss. For He will grieve. Do not all loving fathers grieve at the loss of their beloved children, even when these same children have proven over and over again they are unworthy of his tears?


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