Temporarily unavailable for custom designs

| 05/30/2013

As stated in the banner above, I’m currently unavailable for custom design work. I do design work around my own writing schedule so when I start getting behind I don’t take on new projects. I plan to start taking custom work again in the Fall. In the meantime, please check out the pre-designed covers that I have available. I will still sell those even though I’m not doing custom designs.

UPDATE: While I appreciate the business, due to orders still being placed even though I have the notice up that I’m unavailable for custom work , I’ve had to set the inventory to “sold out” on the custom design options so that orders can’t be processed. I won’t turn away an author in need of a cover so I’ll do those covers, however, I just can’t take on any additional new custom projects right now. I’ll change the cart back to “in stock” when I’m available for custom design work. The pre-designed covers are still available for purchase. Thanks for understanding!


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