L.M. Wood Cover Reveal

| 05/20/2013

Here’s the new cover for L.M. Wood’s novel Choose (Awakening Series). Please visit L.M.’s website at http://eternallynow.wordpress.com or you can buy Awakening at Amazon.


Choose by L. M. Wood

Each of us lives two lives simultaneously: the one we put on when we are born into this passing existence of flesh and bone, and the one that is always, forever, eternally ours. Occasionally our current incarnation might nod in acknowledgment of who we once were as if to a casual acquaintance we brush by on our way to another appointment. As long as those contacts remain but the whisper of a memory, a dream we wake up from each morning, we manage to coexist in a single body. But when our two selves collide, when our lives overlap intimately and we can no longer coexist as two separate selves, then a choice is forced upon us. We must either integrate the two or go mad, at least in the eyes of this illusory world.

In Choose, Mary Kate and Con’s story continues…

Avignon haunts them both. It was on this ancient world Con fell beneath their enemy’s assault. Mary Kate and their infant son were lost. The last Daughter of Avignon was no more. But now her former world is no longer content to wait patiently for the return of its lost queen. Their voices call to her, too many to number, their pleas always the same. “Princess, why have you abandoned us? When will you return and lift the stain of our guilt?”

She needs to remember. She has to go back. The last Daughter of Avignon is going home.


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