L. M. Wood Cover Reveal

| 05/17/2013

Here’s the new cover for L.M. Wood’s novel Awakening. Please visit L.M.’s website at http://eternallynow.wordpress.com or you can buy Awakening at Amazon.

Awakening by L. M. Wood


An eternal love, an ancient enemy, an impossible choice…

Each of us lives two lives simultaneously: the one we put on when we enter this passing existence we call reality, and the one eternally ours. Throughout our lives the paths of our separate selves cross occasionally, and our current self might nod in acknowledgement to who she once was, as if to an old acquaintance she can barely recall. As long as these contacts remain but a whisper of a memory, a dream we wake up from each morning, we manage to coexist in a single body. But it is a limited existence, this separateness from our true selves, this denial we are more than the reflection our physical eyes perceive in the mirror. Sometimes though the whispers, the memories, the reminders that come to us in dreams refuse to be silenced. It is then we must choose between the simple security of clinging to the belief our lives began but a brief count of days and years ago, or awaken to the truth. We are more than this single world can hold. Our memories extend far back into a past we are barely capable of conceiving.

At times we awaken to the knowledge we left unfinished business in the wake of our previous passing. We loved then. We made friends… and enemies. It is these tasks left undone that haunt us today. It is the love we lost yet still long for who invades our dreams, and the enemy we fled but still hunts us that plays a starring role in our nightmares. During our waking hours our vigilance keeps them at bay, but at night when we sleep we let down our guard and they come to us, passing through the veil separating our current existence from our past.

This is the story of Mary Kate, a young woman, an ordinary teen, who assumes her dreams of a past lover are simply dreams, and her nightmares of an ancient enemy who still stalks her to this day are merely an unpleasant side effect of her vivid imagination. But the dreams she’s always dreamed at night won’t go away. She never out-grew them despite everyone’s promise she would. Now they’re worse than ever (or better than ever, the happy dreams anyway,of a young love, an eternal love). They’re more vivid, more seductive to her sleeping self, so real he sometimes seems to follow her back to her waking world. But there’s a price for her escalating fantasies, because when she surrenders to the joy of her dreams, other darker memories are then free to surface in their wake. He comes to her too under cover of night; her ancient enemy who she escaped last time beneath the forgetfulness of death. But he’s back too and her nightmares are intensifying along with her dreams. She can no longer find comfort in her parents’ room at night, the way she did when she was a little girl.

Her parents can’t help her now. Whatever awaits her under the cover of night and across the divide of death is between the three of them: her former self, the man she still loves, and the enemy who hates them both. Maybe her grandmother can help her. She knows about such things. But Mary Kate must first summon the courage to confide her deepest secret. Her dreams and nightmares no longer go away when she wakes up They somehow discovered a way across the barrier separating sleep from consciousness. Now they sometimes come back with her to her real world. But is the life she knows her real life and her dreams the illusion, or is it the other way around? She can no longer be certain.

When in desperation Mary Kate confides in her grandmother, she takes no comfort from grandmother’s advice she must find her own way, and come to understand her own truths. Particularly when Mary Kate has no idea where to even begin the search for her own way, let alone discover the truths hidden there. But she knows whatever secrets remain buried beneath a past she can only recall bits and pieces of, she better find them fast. Somehow she recognizes one truth with certainty. She’s running out of time.

They’re coming for her…ready or not…


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