Elaine Joyce Cover Reveal

| 04/10/2013

I just finished this cover for Elaine Joyce. She was a winner in my April 1st Drawing. You can learn more about Elaine’s books on her website at http://www.chartonscorner.com/elaine-joyce.html

Dead Men Do Tell Tales by Elaine Joyce

Mona Da Vinci, owner of Oakbrook’s DaVinci Funeral Home looked forward to a quiet summer.

Her son would spend the summer with his dad, so she’ll have time for herself. It’s not like the small town has a high death rate.

Who knew her plans would be shot all to hell. Her best friend’s father disappears on his way to a yearly fishing trip. One of her employees is killed and it appears he may have been involved in drugs or trafficking of illegal immigrants.  Her ex announces he is getting married again and to top it off , there is something strange about her handsome new employee.

Should she believe his claim that he talks to dead people? Then, there is that attraction to the man that she hasn’t felt in too long a time. She has a feeling her planned quiet summer will be anything but.



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