Dora Gonzalez Cover Reveal

| 04/09/2013

I’ve just finished this cover for author Dora Gonzalez. You can visit her website at to find out more information about her books!


Beastly Desires by Dora Gonzalez

Ethan is a werewolf, a fact he has been able to hide well for the last ten years due to a magical amulet he wears. But one day the amulet is stolen.

Bodies start to appear in the city park torn to shreds. Has he lost control and indulged in his beastly desires or is there something else that goes bump in the night?

Derek has a secret of his own, he works for The Origins, ruthless enforcers that track down the supernatural. His job is to kill the young werewolf, but he is quickly drawn in by Ethan, unable to ignore the passion they share.

Can he truly protect Ethan from the organization he works for? And can he protect him from the real killer?



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