Animal Frequency Cover Reveal

| 02/06/2023

Here’s the new cover for Melissa Alvarez’s book Animal Frequency: What Are Your Power Animal Spirit Guides Trying to Tell You? Identify, Attune, and Connect to the Energy of Animals. Visit Melissa online at for her complete book list.


Have you ever had a specific animal suddenly appear over and over again and wondered if it meant something or the animal had a message for you? Maybe you saw the animal in person, and then heard it mentioned on the radio, television or online, and then picked up a magazine and see a picture of it in there too. When this happens, your animal guides (also called spirit animals or totem animals), which Melissa Alvarez refers to as your energy animals, are trying to send you a message to help in your current circumstances. Every animal, just like every person, has their own unique frequency and energy vibration. When they suddenly appear repeatedly, you can use the process of Animal Frequency®, a heart-to-heart Divine connection,  to communicate with them, receive their messages and understand their role in your spiritual development. Animal Frequency® is a reference book that will help you discover the energetic power of animals and will teach you how to connect with them to receive their messages, connect with their frequencies, which will aid in your own spiritual growth. This second edition of Animal Frequency® is an easy-to-use reference guide containing encyclopedic listings for nearly two hundred wild, domestic and mythical animals, has instructions, visualizations, and easy techniques that will help you build solid relationships with your energy animals. This book teaches you the process of Animal Frequency so you can do readings with the animals and with your pets as well. Animal Frequency® Oracle cards, designed by Melissa Alvarez are also available from the author’s website at   


“In this reference manual, spirituality coach Alvarez explores the meanings and messages she believes can be found in relationships with animals. Providing encyclopedic information on almost 200 species, Alvarez encourages readers to pay attention to the animals that appear in their lives and lays out ways to better bond with their pets. The book also features guided meditations and visualizations.―Publishers Weekly

“When understanding subtle energy and its effects, we can bridge the gap between our reality and that of the animals. This is where we find the magic. Animal Frequency gives meaning to these experiences.”―Dr. Dennis W. Thomas, doctor of veterinary medicine, author of Whole-Pet Healing

Animal Frequency is an important book that you’ll read for pleasure, and will refer to for the rest of your life.”―Richard Webster, bestselling author of Spirit & Dream Animals

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