Hunter’s Desire by Kadin Quinn Cover Reveal

| 01/05/2023

Here is the cover for Kadin Quinn’s new book Hunter’s Desire. The blurb is below and if you’d like to purchase your own copy, visit


***HOT Paranormal Erotic Romance featuring Ghosts —  Novella  —  20,000 Words *** Adult situations: You should be 18 years or older to purchase this book. Halloween. A day for tricks, treats and hauntings. For Hunter and Sage, it is a day to experience love and enjoy the pleasure of the flesh. They long for each other, waiting for the one day of the year they can touch each other. Caught between worlds, there is only one way that they can be together forever – a mortal must see each of them and help them cross to the other side. Until then, they must repeat the day they died. This Halloween a psychic reveals past horrors and Hunter is seen by a local girl. Sage, still unseen by a mortal, is filled with regret. They’d always thought they’d be seen together. Cruel events out of their control could cause her to be left behind while Hunter moves into the light. Will she be destined to spend eternity alone? As Halloween comes to a close, the only thing they know for sure, is that they will fulfill their insatiable desire for each other one last time.

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