Melissa Alvarez Multiple Cover Reveals

| 07/09/2013

In the past month I’ve released six books in print and an ebook! Here are the covers and brief descriptions of each of those titles.


NEW RELEASE IN PRINT! Companion journal to my book 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency.

Keep a daily record of your frequency journey over the course of a year. Write down your progress now and look back upon it in the future to remember where you’ve been and where you’re going in raising your frequency. Include the exercises as you practice to eliminate negativity, attract positivity, and connect with your core spiritual self. Keep a record of your results and the new happiness and abundance you’ve brought into your life by raising your frequency. This keepsake frequency journal has an easy to fill-in format with prompts including the date, the frequency exercise you practiced and thoughts about the results achieved. Includes lined writing pages for your inner reflections along your spiritual journey as you elevate your personal vibration (frequency). 5″ wide x 7″ high; fits in most purses, backpacks, and totes. 365 lined journal pages with prompts.



NEW RELEASE IN PRINT! Companion journal to my book Your Psychic Self.

Recording your daily intuitions and psychic experiences allows you to look back on your progress in the development of your abilities. It’s easy to forget your experiences if you don’t write them down. This journal contains 365 pages with ample room to record all of the details of your experience. If you need more than one page just keep writing! 6″ wide x 9″ high; fits in most purses, backpacks, and totes. 365 lined journal pages.




Spiritual Gratitude is changing your thought patterns and actions which will change your life. The purpose of this book is to help you make spiritual gratitude a regular practice in your daily life to aid in positive growth and self-improvement, which will help you experience more happiness and joy. It is designed to empower you to create tremendous positivity in your life by becoming more spiritually grateful through a wide variety of hands-on exercises. Spiritual Gratitude, spirituality and consciousness are all connected to the cosmos of divine knowledge, all of which identify you as a spiritual being at your purest essence. Spiritual Gratitude is filled with transformative energy. The simple act of taking the time to be grateful can turn your life around. It doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye but instead you become more aware and in that awareness you will be transformed. Now is the time to begin. Are you ready? Through your gratefulness and actions you can transform your life. The goal is to live in joy, love, and oneness with your spiritual essence. It all begins by simply giving thanks in every aspect of your life. Gratitude is powerful energy when consciously chosen. Choose Spiritual Gratitude Today!





Living in gratitude and appreciation can transform you. If you intend to choose gratitude over ingratitude you will attract more positivity, which results in more joy and happiness. Keeping a gratitude journal will help you log your progress as you make thankfulness a part of your daily life. This keepsake journal includes prompts and ample room for reflecting on the ways gratitude has affected you. Looking back on your progress will keep you mindful of the path you need to take as you move forward. Gratitude is powerful energy consciously chosen. Write your choices daily in this beautiful journal. 6″ wide x 9″ high; fits in most purses, backpacks, and totes. 365 lined journal pages for expressing your sincerest thanks.


TalgorianProphecyPrint (2)

NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT!  Talgorian Prophecy also includes a bonus short story Talgorian Dragon (a prequel to Talgorian Prophecy).

Talgorian Prophecy Blurb: Megan Cassidy, a world-renowned psychic seer, must fight a serial killer to save her six-year-old son Robbie. But she can’t do it alone. She needs help from the best tracker and Ranger in West Virginia, her ex-fiancé, Brody Phelps.

In a psychic vision, Megan sees her own death during a battle with the murderer that the police have dubbed The Mountain Mangler. She soon discovers that the Mangler is also psychic and looking for a challenge that the first six victims couldn’t meet. While Brody and Megan search the mountains for the Mangler and Robbie, Megan is drawn to Talgor Ridge where they are told an unbelievable story from a Talgorian Elder.

When they discover their destinies are intertwined with the immortal Talgorians, Brody and Megan must each follow their hearts to fulfill the first Talgorian Prophecy. Acceptance is the only way to save Robbie, and the Talgorians, from total destruction.

Talgorian Dragon Blurb: In the war between the Monocaths and Talgorians, Drakar Holkinverg lost the love of his life to death. For two years he’s withdrawn from his people, living as an outcast. When a Guardian senses Gwyn’s life force, Drakar immediately tracks her. Is it possible that she survived the one way that an immortal Talgorian could be killed? Once reunited, Drakar discovers they are both pawns in the Monocaths’ plan to destroy all Talgorians. Drakar will do anything to save Gwyn and his people from this fate. When the stakes are highest, will Gwyn find the courage to accept her heritage to protect their people or have two years with the Monocaths changed her?




He appears to her every night, chasing her until she’s trapped behind the barrel of a gun. A stalker who wants her dead. Terror jolts her awake with vivid scenes of her death. The problem is that Angelina Benton’s prophetic dreams always come true. The day Jared Maxwell in walks into The Variety Vine, the nightmare becomes reality. Circumstances force Angie to work and live with Jared. If she refuses, she loses her home and business. If she agrees she may lose her life.

Love at first sight isn’t possible in Jared Maxwell’s mind. When he meets Angelina his world turns upside down. He’s determined to gain her trust and win her love even though he has an ulterior motive for being in Dansburg, Virginia. Strange events unfold during the renovation that put Angie’s life in danger. Despite her fears, she realizes she’s falling in love with the rugged man from her dreams. She learns that she may be one of three destined to break a two hundred year old curse. Can she overcome her fears and suspicions to fulfill her destiny or will trusting Jared be the ultimate mistake?


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