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| 05/05/2013


Shades of Retribution by M. W. Parres

For most of us, violent retribution is something we hear about but aren’t personally affected by. It only happens to others. Or so we believe.

Sean Callahan, a 32-year-old company labor relations practitioner was about to learn otherwise. He was becoming an object of unwanted attention.

It started when he accepted a job in the heart of Dixie, placing him at odds with a renegade Teamster Union local that didn’t hesitate to use intimidation, bombing, and guns to settle differences. Sean had reason to sweat their madness.

In the meantime, trouble was brewing with his female friend, whose ex-Navy pilot husband was shot down, tortured, and killed by Viet Cong guerrillas. She was great fun in the beginning, but her shaky mental state and deteriorating stability became a threat.
These thorny developments had Sean filled with a sense of foreboding. He was caged in his own thriller, replete with mystery and suspense.

Not all was bad.

Sean’s quest to find the right woman for romance, marriage, and family was gradually coming to fruition. And she was a beauty, with a fine character, a healthy interest in sex, and deftness with a .41 S&W Magnum revolver, critically needed to fight the challenge of grisly retribution. Was her presence enough to save the day and a shared future?

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