Dawn Mattox Cover Reveal – The Advocate Series

| 04/29/2013

I just finished the covers for the upcoming series by Dawn Mattox titled The Advocate. Dawn’s website will be live soon and when it is I’ll add the link here. Blurbs coming soon too!



When love has betrayed you,

Family and Friends forsaken you—

Forced to choose between violence and the grinding wheels of justice,

There stands  —The Advocate


THE ADVOCATE-Special Victims Unit

Book One

Born of a Hell’s Angel and a Flower Child,  Sunny McLane—Advocate for victims of rape and domestic violence— is stalked by her ex husband, a vicious outlaw biker. Struggling with gut-wrenching terror, worldly  temptations and a horrific past—even as she exhorts victims to find faith and strength in themselves, and in  God.



THE ADVOCATE – Satanic Ritual Abuse

Book Two

Sunny McLane,  victim Advocate at the District Attorney’s Office, is tasked with the invisible caseload—Ritual Abuse— survivors of abhorrent crimes that the justice system, the news, and mental health, denies exists. Who can she trust?  Her life spinning out of control, a bounty placed on her life by her ex husband, an outlaw biker. Where is God?




Book Three

Follow The Advocate on Sunny’s wildest ride yet, working in  Psychiatric Crisis with suicidal and homicidal patients.  Cut them lose, institutionalize them, or send them to jail?  Choices have consequences.  Faith is tested to the extreme, love hangs in the balance.  Only God knows what lies ahead.


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