Smashwords Cover Resizing


IMPORTANT NOTICE: When Smashwords changed their cover requirements about four years ago they grandfathered in all covers done prior to the date they changed to a larger formats. On July 13, 2016 I received notification from them that one of the covers on my own book was too small. It seems that they’ve decided that all covers designed before their size requirement change are no longer grandfathered in and  will now have to fit the standards put in place four years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot resize all of the covers I previously designed for free. When I designed the cover it fit all retailer specifications at that time. If they change their standards then I have to charge an additional fee to resize any previously designed covers to fit the new standards. Thanks for your understanding.

When you have an ebook cover created, the graphic designer normally gives you several different file sizes, one of which should be a high resolution file (300 DPI or higher at 1600 x 2400 or higher dimensions) that can be used for Smashwords and other online retailers. If you didn’t receive a high resolution file size file, I always recommend that you return to the original designer to request it, since you already paid them for the ebook cover service, before seeking another designer’s assistance.

I have had so many requests to resize covers to fit Smashword’s Premium catalog that I’ve added this to my design services. This service is to change the size (dimensions and DPI) of your current cover to fit the requirements for Smashwords Premium Catalog and most other retailers specs. I don’t make any design changes to the cover with this service. I only make it into a bigger size for you. I also don’t include these covers on my website because I didn’t design the cover. If the resolution of your file is so low that I can’t correct the size without it pixelating into a very poor quality image then I will be unable to help you and if you have already paid I will refund your money.

The price of $29 is to resize one cover. If you have more than one cover that needs resizing you’ll need to add this service to the cart for each cover.

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