Availability Status: I am currently UNAVAILABLE for Custom eBook Covers due to my own writing schedule and contractual deadlines. Thanks for understanding.

My Office Hours: If I’m available for custom covers I typically work Monday – Friday. Weekends are reserved for my family. Because I’m also a mother, wife, author, equestrian farm owner and German Shepherd kennel owner,  I design book covers for other authors when I’m not under deadline for my own books, have events with my family or am expecting a foal or litter of puppies. If you see that I’m “unavailable” for custom design work, that means that I’m working on my own writing projects and dealing with life offline. When I can take on new custom design work, I will change the notice at the top of the page to “Available” again. In the meantime, I invite you to look at the pre-designed covers, which I do within 24 to 48 hours (not counting the weekends) even if I’m unavailable for custom work. I do add to my stock when I have time (even if I’m not doing custom work) and the pre-designs are of the same professional quality as my custom work and include different photos and other elements to make each cover unique. Check back often to see the current pre-designed stock and new completed projects in my portfolio.

I don’t have specific hours but instead work whenever I can be at the computer, which is around my kid’s schedules and caring for the horses and dogs (friend me on Facebook to see pics).

I work fast. I set delivery times on each package but I  usually turn them around in 24 to 48 hours for pre-designed ebook covers IF you’re answering my emails quickly. 

My design schedule is subject to change. I design because I enjoy the creativity of the work, not because it’s my full time job, and I work it in around my off-line life. I do have a waiting list for book covers during times that I’m unavailable so if I’m not available and you want me to be your designer, make sure you email me and request that I put you on the list. I will post any changes to my schedule here as they happen. If you want me to design your cover, please keep these dates in mind as you’re planning your books release.