Premier Print Covers

Every pre-designed cover on this page is available for sale. Once sold, I customize the cover and move it into my portfolio instead of leaving it on this page with a sold sticker. These are not samples of my work but are covers that can be bought right now and customized for your book.

These are custom pre-designed covers for print books and I include the ebook cover files for free! If this cover fits the theme of your book, buy it now and we’ll customize it when your book is complete. Price includes customizing all of the text, adding an author picture and bio (if you want it on the back cover), adding endorsements and taglines. Does your book have a subtitle or series name? That’s awesome! I’ll add that too (even if it’s not shown on the pre-designed cover). I’ll also re-size the cover one time to fit your book’s final size so it doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a 6 x 9, 5 x 8 or 5.25 x 8 or some other size. The only thing that I don’t change are the pictures and customization already included in the cover. However, if you like the cover but need a minor change like hair color, I can do that for an additional fee.

These covers are one of a kind and are available on a first come first served basis. I only sell these covers once so if you’re considering this cover for your book, don’t wait too long because it may not be available later. If you order this cover please put the number in the cover description because I’m not naming these individually. I usually ask that you wait to order your custom print cover once you’ve finished your manuscript’s interior layout. That does NOT apply to the Premier Pre-designed Print Book Covers. If you like it and it fits your book – grab it before it’s gone!

I normally work with CreateSpace so if you’re working with another printer please email me to make sure I can meet their specifications prior to purchasing the pre-designed cover. I don’t work with printers who require Quark files.

Click on the cover to see the ebook and print cover in a large size.

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