Every pre-designed cover on this page is available for sale. Once sold, I customize the cover, send it to my customer, and move it into my portfolio instead of leaving it on this page with a sold sticker. These are not samples of my work but are covers that can be bought right now for your book. Pricing starts at $39 for a basic pre-designed cover and go up from there (unless they’re on sale). Prices increase with the number of pictures, design elements and effects included on the cover. If you like a cover I would highly recommend that you get it. Recently I’ve had several people who wanted covers that they’d seen on my site but were no longer there or in the portfolio and unfortunately, there wasn’t anything I could do to help them. I won’t duplicate a cover that’s already been sold because someone else liked it but didn’t buy it when it was available. That’s not fair to the author who did buy it. There are many times when an author buys a cover before finishing the book or deciding on a title. In that case, I file the cover away for them, then, when they’re ready, I customize it. So if you like a specific pre-designed cover, grab it because it might not be available the next time you’re shopping.

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