View All Pre-designed eBook Covers - $39 & up - These covers are for eBooks ONLY - They are NOT formatted for print books!

Please Note: My pre-designed ebook covers are NOT designed for print books. These are for ebook covers ONLY. If you want to purchase a pre-designed cover with intentions to use the cover on a printed book, there is NO guarantee that it will work and I will NOT reformat the cover so that it will meet a printer’s specifications. Many times the text or pictures will run over the edge of the bleed required for printed books or the size is wrong. I sell these covers very inexpensively because they are ONLY for ebooks. The cost for print covers is much, much more and I also no longer offer them due to my own busy writing schedule and the time involved to create print covers. Please make sure you understand this before you purchase a pre-designed cover from me. Please do NOT buy a pre-designed ebook cover from me if you’re looking for a print book cover. That’s NOT what they were designed for. All Sales are Final. Refunds are NOT given because the ebook cover doesn’t work for print books. Thanks for understanding!

Every pre-designed cover in this section is available for sale. These are not samples of my work but are covers that can be bought right now and customized for your book.Once sold, I customize the cover with your book title and author name, send it to you, and move it into my portfolio as a finished cover. I don’t leave it in this section with a sold sticker. Pricing starts at $39 for a basic pre-designed cover and goes up from there (unless they’re on sale). Prices increase with the number of pictures, design elements and effects included on the cover.

Get it before it’s gone: If you like a cover I would highly recommend that you get it when you see it. Recently I’ve had several people who wanted covers that they’d seen on my site but were no longer there because they’d been sold, customized and moved into my portfolio. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything I could do to help them. I won’t duplicate a cover that’s already been sold because someone else liked it but didn’t buy it when it was available. That’s not fair to the author who did buy it.

I’ll hold it for you but not forever: There are many times when an author buys a cover before their book is finished or before they’ve decided on a title. I have no problem holding a cover for someone for a reasonable amount of time. Recently, I realized that I’ve been holding some pre-designed covers for authors for three years. After writing to them several times with no response, I decided to change my policy on holding covers. I will hold them for six months. After that length of time, if the author has made no attempt to redeem the cover by having it customized with their title and name then I will put the cover back into the pre-designed cover pool. I will not give refunds on covers not redeemed within the six months. Not fair? Maybe not. But is it fair to me for authors to buy a cover, not redeem it and just leave me hanging, wondering what’s going on with the purchase for half of a year? No, it’s not. It’s unprofessional. So the solution is this: if you’re not ready to use the cover within a six month time frame, please don’t buy it. 🙂 Thanks for understanding my position on this.

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